Personal Information Terms and Conditions

SHINAN LEISURE 's Hotel Riviera provides personal information protection policies or terms and conditions that allow online users to choose between [Agree] or [Cancel]. The [Agree] button assumes that users agree to provide their personal information to make reservations with us.

Purpose and Use of Personal Information Gathering
SHINAN LEISURE 's Hotel Riviera gathers users' personal information to verify their identities and provide customized services for their individual needs. We need your basic personal information in order to provide better and satisfying services. SHINAN LEISURE 's Hotel Riviera uses users' personal information only for our marketing analyses.

Fields and Methods of Personal Information Gathering
SHINAN LEISURE 's Hotel Riviera only require the minimum number of fields to gather personal information for online membership. Required fields include name, phone number, e-mail, address, and employer. Your personal information is not used in any other way than the purposes described.

Personal Information Security and Duration of Use
SHINAN LEISURE 's Hotel Riviera is safely managed by SHINAN LEISURE 's Hotel Riviera during your stay with us and will be discarded within a month after you leave us.

Personal Information Provision and Sharing
Your personal information, including name, phone number, mobile phone number, address, and employer, is only used by SHINAN LEISURE 's Hotel Riviera and will be kept confidential.

Name and Contact Information of Personal Information Manager
Please contact the following staff via e-mail if you think SHINAN LEISURE 's Hotel Riviera is not observing its Personal Information Protection Policies. We will provide you with an immediate response regarding your inquiry. SHINAN LEISURE 's Hotel Riviera will make our fullest effort to protect your personal information.

Personal Information Manager
The listed personnel below will take care of your personal information and will kindly provide answers to your personal information inquiries.

Rooms Reservation 042)828-4001/